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The relationship between a hooman and a dog is a special one.

As dog owners ourselves, taking care of our dog is like taking care of a baby and we do the best we can to make sure our dog is safe and healthy.

As much as it's fun to play with our dog, sometimes something can be a real pain to deal with.

With our range of products, we aim to make every experience fun, easy and adventurous for both of you.

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Don't take our word for it


We were getting tired of dragging around a regular water bottle and a collapsible bowl when we took the pups out. This bottle solves that problem because it sucks the water back in when you relieve the pressure. It's been really handy on hikes, car rides, and regular walks.

Beth Walter

- Canada


We don’t use the food containers often but the water bottle is amazing. Super convenient and you can turn the valve to keep the water in the cup when our dog is drinking and turn it back to drain back into the bottle when you’re finished to minimize spills.


- United States


So many people ask us about the water bottle. Our pup loves it and it's so easy to use! Small, so its easy to carry around and since the lid has a bowl feature, you don't have to carry a ton of stuff. No leaks, definitely encourages to drink more water, perfect for traveling.




Great to have on hot days. Dogs love drinking from this even when they don't really need a drink! They'll come running whenever they see it. I use this a lot & it's never leaked, even when it's rolled under the car seat.


- United States