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magic orgat scratching toy

Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board


Product Description

This product is a scratching cat toy shaped like an organ. It comes with a small ball that makes a sound when it's moved. The product is made out of cardboard and is designed by Magic Organ.

The Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board-Comes With A Toy Bell Ball has been tested for durability, strength and quality assurance standards to ensure that your cat has the best possible play experience with this toy.

If you want to see your cat have fun and exercise their natural instincts, then this scratching board is perfect for them! Your pet will love playing with their new favourite toy for hours on end!


The scratching board comes in a convenient size, measuring 9.44 x 3.94 inches. It is made of corrugated paper that cats love to scratch on because it feels like natural tree bark. This scratching board is unique because it also comes with a catnip ball so your pet can have extra fun while being entertained by the bell ball included in the package!

Whether you're looking for something for your indoor cat or an outdoor one, this product will not disappoint; however, we recommend that you supervise your pet when using this toy to ensure their safety and enjoyment throughout their playtime experience!

Top Customer Reviews

  • "I was looking for a scratching post that wasn't too tall, and this one works great. It's high enough for my cat to get on top of, but it's not so tall that he can't reach the top part of it. I also love how there are holes in the middle section so he has something to hang onto while he scratches."

  • "This scratching board is very sturdy! My cats have used it a lot and there isn't any damage yet!"

Cats will love to scratch and play with this toy.

You'll love the way that these cat scratchers keep your furniture from being destroyed. Plus, you'll be happy to know your cat will be entertained for hours on end!

You can also use this scratching board to sharpen their claws and teach them some tricks—they're sure to go crazy for a toy bell ball that comes with each one!

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